Glen Morgan Adapting Gunplay Comic

Following on the heels of the recently announced development of “Indestructible Man,” 20th Century Fox Television production entity, FOX 21, and Platinum Studios, Inc. have announced that they will develop the Platinum Studios graphic novel and winner of the Comic Book Challenge, “Gunplay.” Glen Morgan is attached to write. His credits include Final Destination and Final Destination 3, which he wrote and produced, and the hit series “The X-Files,” which he wrote and co-executive produced.

“Gunplay” tells the haunting story of Abner Meeks, a Buffalo Soldier condemned to roam the Old West with a hellish curse slung at his waist — a demonic shooting iron that forces him to kill once a day or suffer soul-searing pain.

Platinum Studios, Inc. Chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Dead of Night) would serve as executive producer.

“‘Gunplay’ is a unique story of an ordinary man who must live with an extraordinary curse,” said Chris Carlisle, President of FOX 21.

“‘Gunplay’ is one of those rare combinations of fantastically created characters and wonderfully told narrative which creates an inventive canvas from which to play,” said Rosenberg. “We look forward to making ‘Indestructible Man’ and now ‘Gunplay’ with Chris and his team at FOX 21.”

Source: Platinum Studios