Mike Carey Gets Stranded

SCI FI Channel and Virgin Comics have greenlit the first project under their new joint venture, tapping Mike Carey (“X-Men,” “Ultimate Fantastic Four”) to write an adventure fantasy series dubbed “The Stranded,” reports Variety.

Diamond Comics will distribute the title, which will be released later this year with separate covers from Mark Silvestri (“Witchblade”) and Greg Horn (“Elektra”). If successful, SCI FI/Virgin plans to exploit “The Stranded” across multiple platforms, including TV and features.

“The Stranded” will tell the story of five ordinary people living on Earth who, it turns out, are actually from a world called Standfire. Their past has returned — not to haunt them, but to kill them.

And while Sci Fi/Virgin is first focusing on getting “The Stranded” into print, Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan made it clear the franchise will likely expand.

Source: Variety