A Look at Marvel’s Super Powers

The Motley Fool has published a great new article on Marvel Studios which talks about the finances behind the company’s upcoming independent slate. Here’s an interesting bit:

The new credit facility changes that game a little bit, but it’s all good. “Economically, Marvel will receive 100% of the profits for the movies,” Maisel explained. “There are no equity participants, besides ourselves, in these movies.” On top of that, the company receives a 5% producer fee of the total revenues generated by these movies. Licensing and merchandising right also remain in-house. The worst that can happen is that a particular movie bombs out at the box office, and the creditor — conference host Merrill Lynch — forgives the debt on that movie’s budget in exchange for the rights to that character. A $100 million U.S. box office gross makes a breakeven movie for Marvel, according to Cuneo, and the historical $200 million domestic average and $400 worldwide gross taken in by Marvel’s movies will put $117 million or so directly in its net profit coffers.

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Source: Advanced Dark