Official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Site Update

Activision has updated the official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance website with two new features – a new V.I.P. section and a Team Builder option.

Those who gain access to the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance V.I.P. community will receive insider access to the developers of the game. In order to become a member, players can either pre-order the game via Electronics Boutique or GameStop or ask one of their V.I.P. friends to invite them. Exclusive V.I.P. assets will include wallpapers, a living screensaver that updates itself when new characters are revealed and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and character trailers. It will also give V.I.P. members the chance to win cool prizes, including a poster signed by Stan Lee or an Xbox 360. Those who pre-order the game in order to become a V.I.P. will receive a cheat code to unlock Silver Surfer as a playable character. For more information, go here.

The new Team Builder option on the official Marvel: Ultimate Alliance site is now live. It allows gamers to select their team, place them against a cool background from the game, give them a personalized name and then create a wallpaper of their Marvel dream team. They can then share their wallpaper with their friends to view. Characters that they use to create their teams from will be updated as more and more characters are revealed in the game. For more information about the new Team Builder option, go here and select “Team Builder” from the main menu.

Source: Activision