Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Play Nick Fury

MTV has posted some quotes from “Snakes on a Plane” star Samuel L. Jackson talking about wanting to star in a superhero movie, specifically Nick Fury:

“I see [Marvel movie producer] Avi Arad a lot, because we live in the same neighborhood,” Jackson said. “I express my interest in [working with him]. I always wanted to be Iron Man, because he was always like the rich dude who created this whole thing.” He’s not really kept as a superhero, he just creates stuff to make himself a superhero as a rich guy.” Although an “Iron Man” film is on Marvel’s fast-track, Jackson is doubtful that he’d ever be asked to play Tony Stark. The actor is, however, hopeful that Arad will listen to his pleas regarding another veteran Marvel hero with a film in development who was recently given a comic-book makeover to resemble none other than … Samuel L. Jackson! “Nick Fury would be great,” Jackson said of the hard-boiled S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. “I’ve been reading Nick Fury since when I was a kid. I collect comics. … I’m kind of geeky.”

Nick Fury is being written by Andrew Marlowe (“Air Force One,” “Hollow Man,” “End of Days”) and will be distributed by Paramount.

Source: MTV