Platinum Takes on Coffman’s Hero By Night

Platinum Studios, an entertainment company that controls the world’s largest independent library of comic book characters, and NBC 7/39 have made dreams a reality for one lucky comic fan! D.J. Coffman, a Web illustrator from Pittsburgh, Pa., won the first annual Comic Book Challenge and will receive a Web and print comic book development deal with Platinum Studios for his comic concept, Hero By Night. Platinum Studios will also develop the property for film, TV and other electronic mediums.

“Platinum Studios is constantly looking for new talent and the Comic Book Challenge gives first time creators, writers and artists, the opportunity to pitch their concept live to entertainment industry leaders,” said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, chairman of Platinum Studios. “D.J.’s talent was evident by the strength of his ‘Hero By Night’ concept, live pitch and artwork. His passion and enthusiasm, even the creation of an official ‘Hero By Night’ ring, really stood out and Platinum Studios looks forward to working with him to publish his property into a comic book next year and develop it for other mediums.”

Hero By Night is the story of a young man, Jack King, who discovers the secret lair of a 1950’s superhero in his new apartment. Now in possession of hidden journals, retro gadgets and a secret ring, Jack must decide if he should disclose the find to the public, sell it all off and make a mint, or delve into the mysterious artifacts to discover why this hero disappeared. What secret does the ring posses? Will this path lead Jack to take up the mantle of Hero By Night, himself?

The judges for the Comic Book Challenge included Rosenberg; Marc Silvestri, founder and chief executive officer of Top Cow Comics; Gale Anne Hurd, producer of “The Terminator” films, “Aliens,” The Hulk, and “Armageddon” among other movies; Oliver Jones, staff correspondent for People magazine; and Chris Marlowe, editorial director, digital media for The Hollywood Reporter.

“The Comic Book Challenge has been such an incredible experience for me,” said Coffman. “It was really humbling, just being around all of the other creative talents, let alone the industry judges, who have made such a huge impact on the comic book and entertainment industries. I can’t believe that I am now given the chance to turn my idea into a real comic book.”

Source: Platinum Studios