My Super-Ex Girlfriend Site Goes Live

20th Century Fox has launched the full site for My Super Ex-Girlfriend which you can check out at! The studio has also brought online, where you can get advice on how to properly end a relationship.

In the Ivan Reitman comedy, Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) thinks he’s finally found the perfect girlfriend, the beautiful Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) – who just so happens to be a superhero. When Jenny/G-Girl becomes overly possessive, Matt wants to call it quits – but how do you break up with a superhero? A scorned woman, Jenny/G-Girl unleashes on her ex the full fury of her super-powered wrath as she sets out to bust up Matt’s budding romance with his co-worker Hannah (Anna Faris).

My Super Ex-Girlfriend hits theaters on July 21.

Source: 20th Century Fox