Brian K. Vaughan Writing Y: The Last Man

CHUD talked to comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan who revealed he is currently writing the screenplay for Y: The Last Man:

Yeah, I’m really in the loop. In fact I would upgrade it from development hell to development limbo, maybe. I am actually writing the screenplay right now for Y: The Last Man; they’re letting me take a shot at it. It’s been really good. The input I’ve gotten so far has been really positive.

Previously it was reported that Jeff Vintar (“I, Robot”) was writing the script for the adaptation for New Line, with David Goyer producing.

Published by DC Comics’ Vertigo and created by Vaughan and Pia Guerra, Y: The Last Man is based on the premise that a mysterious plague wipes out every male on the planet. The sole exception is one seemingly average young man who discovers it’s very dangerous to be the last man on Earth.

Source: CHUD