Mikael Håfström Helming Deathlok?

MovieZine.se tells us that Mikael Håfström looks to be in talks to direct Deathlok:

I work on a Swedish film site called www.moviezine.se and I had the opportunity to interview director Mikael HÃ¥fström (Derailed). I asked him about the rumours we’ve heard that he might direct “Deathlok”. He answered: “We are discussing it.”

He also told me that he’s a huge Marvel Comics fan, and that he really liked the Deathlok script, and that he’d like to direct the film after he finishes “1408”.

Based on Marvel’s comic book, the film will follow a suburban family man who becomes the test subject for a technology research lab that transforms him into a living computer.

Source: MovieZine.se