Cameron Moves Project 880 Before Battle Angel

“Titanic” director James Cameron confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that he will first make the secretive “Project 880” before moving on to Battle Angel, based on Yukito Kishiro’s Japanese graphic novels.

“We’ve moved ‘Project 880’ into first position,” Cameron said. “It’s as classified as the Manhattan Project.” Many believe it is actually a version of “Avatar,” the director’s oft-rumored love story set against interplanetary war.

Cameron is ready to shoot “880” at 20th Century Fox – where he’s also preparing Battle Angel. Neither film has been completely cast, but “880” is now slated for 2007 and “Angel” is targeted for 2009. “We couldn’t do one unless we do both” says Cameron. “They use the same technology.” Both projects will be shot in new High Definition 3-D.

Cameron adds that the release date years are still up in the air. “We don’t want to get jammed up like on ‘Titanic’… consensus has been we will serve no wine before its time.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly