Avi Arad on the Captain America Movie

The Associated Press has published a new interview with Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad in which he talks about the Captain America movie. The project is part of Marvel’s deal with Paramount in which Marvel will make the film and Paramount will distribute.

“Without giving too much away, obviously there’ll be a little bit of the origin and then we come into our real world,” Arad says. “What makes Captain America such a compelling character is that it allows you to judge history so you see where he came from and you see what he stood for.”

Although the script by an unnamed writer isn’t finished and Arad doesn’t anticipate Captain America arriving in theaters before 2009, he does have a director and leading man in mind. Of course, he’s not declaring the independence of those details just yet.

“One of the things our movie is going to deal with is what happened in 60 years,” says Arad. “Which world was better? Sixty years ago or now? Within, obviously, a kick-ass plot and all the stuff that you’ve come to expect from a superhero movie.”

He also talks about casting the title role and what the costume may look like. You can find those audio clips on the right-hand side here.

Source: Associated Press, Super Mom