Marvel’s Updated Film and TV Slate

Marvel Entertainment has reported its 2005 Third Quarter results today and said both profit and revenue fell. Marvel’s Chairman, Morton Handel, commented, “We are pleased with the box office success of the ‘Fantastic Four’ feature film, which launched this character franchise and has grossed over $329 million worldwide to date. Marvel’s business model continues to be solidly profitable and generates strong free cash flow.

“As reviewed in more detail below, Marvel is revising its 2005 financial guidance to reflect the contribution of a landmark, long-term license agreement in the video game category which has largely offset some weaker than expected performance in our toy operation. However, our 2006 outlook reflects a difficult year for both toys and licensing. Despite the near-term challenges, the management team and Board remain confident in the long-term power of Marvel’s business model, which will generate high levels of cash in coming years. Accordingly, the Board has approved an additional $250 million share repurchase authorization. We believe repurchases will be accretive to earnings and will provide a very attractive long-term return on investment as we proceed beyond 2006. Those years will include the release of both the ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ sequels in 2007 and the anticipated launch of Marvel’s own film slate starting in 2008.”

The company stated the following as its upcoming slate:

Marvel Studios

X-Men 3, Fox – Currently filming, May 26, 2006 release

Ghost Rider, Sony – Filming completed, July 14, 2006 release

The Punisher 2, Lions Gate – Writer, targeted for fall 2006 release

Marvel Character Feature Film Development Pipeline (Partial List)

Spider-Man 3, Sony – Director, May 4, 2007 release

Fantastic Four 2, Fox – Director, July 4, 2007 release

Silver Surfer, Fox – TBD

Wolverine, Fox – TBD

Deathlok, Paramount – TBD

Hulk 2, Universal – TBD

Namor, Universal – TBD

Black Widow, Lions Gate – TBD

Iron Man, TBD – TBD

Thor, TBD – TBD

Film Projects Included in the Marvel Film-Backed Credit Facility

Ant-Man, The Avengers, Black Panther, Captain America, Cloak & Dagger, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Power Pack and Shang-Chi. The first film is anticipated for release in 2008.

Marvel Character Animated Direct-to-Video Projects in Development

Partnership with Lions Gate to develop, produce and distribute original animated DVD features. Four projects in 2D/3D format are in development with the first releases slated for 2006. Titles include: Ultimate Avengers (February 21, 2006 release), Ultimate Avengers 2, Iron Man and Doctor Strange.

Marvel Character Animated TV Projects in Development

Partnership with Moonscoop SAS (formerly Antefilms Productions) to produce an original animated television series based on the Fantastic Four. Twenty-six, 30-minute 2D/3D animated episodes are planned with initial TV airings in 2006.

Marvel Character Live Action TV Projects in Development

Alter Ego, Blade, Skrull Kill Krew

2005/2006 Video Game Release Schedule


Spider-Man & Friends – Q1 2005

Fantastic Four – Q2 2005

Ultimate Spider-Man – Q3 2005

X-Men Legends II – Q4 2005

Electronic Arts:

Marvel versus EA – Q4 2005

THQ Inc:

Punisher – Q1 2005

Vivendi Universal:

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction – Q3 2005


Ghost Rider – 2006

Source: Marvel Entertainment