A First Look at Ultimate Avengers

‘The Dude’ tells Superhero Hype! that the first footage from Ultimate Avengers was shown at Wizard World in Chicago this weekend:

The movie is due (straight to dvd) in February of ’06. According to the panel from Marvel and Lions Gate (the new MLG Studio) this is the first of many films to come. The idea is to make full length animated movies based directly from story arcs. The clip shown was one-minute of test footage that came straight out of the pages of The Ultimates first story arc as they’re taking down the Hulk. The art was exact except for Captain America who looked like he usually does.

The clip had a real mature feel to it, we are far from Spider-Man and His Amazing Fiends here. The one-minute of footage was a “world premiere” and was conceived by an overseas studio that was given the first story arc of The Ultimates (Marvel Comics) and told to “bring it to life.” The result was breathtaking.

The concept as the panel described it is completely targeted to the fanboy crowd. They want to make dreams come true and feel that they can do it at a profit by releasing the movies straight to dvd. Imagine McFarland’s “Torment” storyline from Spider-Man or “The Dark Phoenix Saga” being presented true to form, right down (in some cases) to their original artistic stylings. This could really start off something big for all comic companies. We’ll never see “The Dark Knight Returns” live-action, but imagine an animated version…

Anyway, enough dreaming, you get the concept. The footage ran like this:

– blackout, heavy breathing.

– man’s face looking stressed, closes in on his eye which lights up green.

– growling, roaring, screaming as Hulk happily torments a city’s downtown.

– Hulk beats up a building, pan back over the shoulder of Giant Man.

– Giant Man carefully walks through the streets stepping over buildings.

– Giant Man squishes Hulk like a bug into the building.

– Close-up on Hulk’s squished face, he smiles.

– Hulk takes it to Giant Man ending with a knockout blow that drops him.

– Shield flies and nails Hulk.

– Captain America attacks, toe to toe.

– Hulk gets the upperhand and is about to nail Cap.

– Boom! Hulk is lit up by lightning.

– We see Thor winding up for another and…BOOM!

– Blackout and heavy breathing.

This clip looked like it was pulled right out of the Ultimates book. Captain America looked like himself in the regular universe, but here’s hoping they adjust him as well.

The movie will be out in Feruary of 2006 and it’s potential looks incredible so far.

Source: The Dude