David Cronenberg on A History of Violence

A History of Violence director David Cronenberg talked to ComingSoon.net about the big screen adaptation, which isn’t so much based on the graphic novel.

CS!: Did you read the graphic novel before reading the script or did you try to avoid it while making the movie to get your own look and feel?

Cronenberg: No, it was no influence whatsoever. It’s only because of the strange circumstances that I didn’t really know that the script was based on a graphic novel. It didn’t say it on the front page, and I got involved with the project and was working with New Line, then with Josh (Olsen) doing rewrites of the script. Somebody eventually mentioned the graphic novel and I said “What graphic novel?” I have no idea why I wasn’t told, but I said I guess I better read it, and I did. It took awhile for them to dig it up, because it was long out of print. I could see that although the basic premise was obviously the same, we had already gone off in a direction with the script, first because Josh had done it on his own and then I worked more that way with him—it went on a completely different direction from the novel to the extent that the novel really had nothing to offer me because it was just so different. That was basically it. I can’t really say, in a sense, creatively, that I had the experience of adapting a graphic novel, because it always felt like it was Josh’s original script to me. The visual elements of the novel were pretty irrelevant.

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Source: ComingSoon.net