Shimizu Helming New Line’s Parasyte

New Line Cinema has hired Takashi Shimizu (Ju-On, The Grudge) to direct Parasyte and he will also supervise the script’s development, reports Variety.

Parasyte is based on a 12-part Manga comic book series by Hitosi Iwaaki that’s published in English by the TokyoPop imprint. The current screenplay is by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (Paramount’s Aeon Flux) penned the screenplay, which has been rewritten by Matt Drake.

In the sci-fi project, alien spores land on Earth and start taking over human bodies. One young man manages to isolate his “parasyste” in his left arm. Left part human and part alien, the young man and “Lefty” — an alien arm with a will of its own — are the planet’s sole protection from the sinister invasion.

Producing the pic are Don Murphy of Angyfilms and Lisa Henson and Kristine Belson of Henson Pictures, along with Japanese producer (and Shimizu partner) Taka Ichise.

The trade adds that by combining live action and CGI in Parayste, the filmmakers will aim to create a realistic alien landscape on Earth.

Shimizu will first take on Sony’s The Grudge 2 before moving on to Parasyte.

Source: Variety