Arad Reveals New Marvel Movie Secrets

MTV has posted a great interview with Marvel Studios chairman and CEO Avi Arad. He discusses all of the Marvel movie adaptations in the works and reveals some new bits on various projects. For example, there’s this part about the Magneto “X-Men” spin-off:

“I will always want Ian McKellen,” Arad says. “There’s no way for me to think of not walking into the story through him — through something happening now, and then going back there. Ian is an ambassador for this, and he needs to be there.”

Definitely good news for the “X-Men” movie fans. Arad also reveals that Nicolas Cage will face a tidal wave in Ghost Rider:

“I remember seeing ‘The Perfect Storm,’ how the whole wave was CGI. You’re going to see something [similar] in ‘Ghost Rider.’ ” While he reveals that Ghost Rider will, at some point, be entirely submerged, Arad vows that the infamous grinning skull will continue to flame on. “Nothing can extinguish it,” he smiles. “It’s hellfire.”

He also mentioned that Dylan Baker will return as Dr. Curt Connors (aka The Lizard) for Spider-Man 3. MTV says that “the seeds are apparently being planted for Spidey to also someday take on a superhumanly strong, green-scaled monster.”

About Captain America, he mentioned the following:

“There is a director who should make ‘Silver Surfer’ — he is mentally committed to it. He’s doing another movie now. What’s most important to me about this guy, first, is that he’s incredible with visuals. But he’s also a spiritual guy, a Zen Buddhist.” Arad also confirms that the enormous planet devourer Galactus will be in the movie, but chances are he’ll be all-CGI. “Galactus is a force of nature, not a being. That’s all I’m saying.”

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Source: MTV