Spawn: Animation Project Moving Forward has revealed new details about the upcoming Spawn: Animation project. At the site, users will get a behind-the-scenes, first look at everything related to the show. Here’s a rundown of answers to the most-frequently-asked questions:

  • No. The new animation is not a continuation of the HBO series.

  • We have been working on a new story to go along with the new and improved look for a long time to make sure tonally it was something entirely new and edgy.

  • Todd along with Brian Holguin — the writer of Spawn and KISS: Psycho Circus comic books — have co-written the script.

  • The animation will be “R” rated.

  • Todd and TME president Terry Fitzgerald will be Executive Producing the animation. We are also thrilled to have a few of the directors and animators from the original HBO series returning to the animation team as well.

  • Todd McFarlane Entertainment and some of its executives will provide consulting work on this project.

  • The biggest difference you will notice is in the visuals. This time we’ll be featuring a combination of 2D/3D characters on 3D backgrounds, as opposed to the HBO series where everything was exclusively 2D with touches of 2D CG.

  • Yes, we are trying to get Keith David back as the voice of Spawn.

  • Upon completion of the animation we intend to shop the project around Hollywood and are confident we will find a home on network or cable television for future installments of the animation.

  • Currently we are planning to release the 70-minute movie direct to DVD via Anchor Bay Entertainment.

  • The projected DVD release date is early 2006.

    Visit the official website for more info!

    Source: guyverfanboy

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