More Watchmen News

The good folks over at EmpireOnline have had an exclusive set visit to director Paul Greengrass’ adaptation of the graphic novel Watchmen.

Below is a snippet of that article:

Right now, over at Aint It Cool News has possible bad tidings: the Watchmen movie could be in trouble, with its backers, Paramount, umming and aahing over whether to commit $100 million plus to the Paul Greengrass-directed adaptation of the classic Alan Moore-Dave Gibbons graphic novel.

Well, if they’ve seen what Empire saw on our recent visit to the movie’s production offices at Pinewood (and they have), they wouldn’t have a moment’s hesitation in backing the project immediately – for Watchmen is going to rock. Hard.

Lucky beggars that we are, Empire recently got to spend a very pleasant day in the pre-production offices of Watchmen, chatting to producer Lloyd Levin, director Paul Greengrass and writer David Hayter. The talented trio were in a sharing mood, as they allowed us a peek into the creative process that looks set to produce one of the best superhero films yet.

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Source: Empire Online