Reynolds Says He Would be The Flash

‘FilmRoach’ tells us that The Amityville Horror and Blade: Trinity star Ryan Reynolds said today in Los Angeles that he will star as The Flash if the project goes ahead.

Not only did he say he would love to play Deadpool, but he confirmed that he had a meeting the previous night with David Goyer, and if Warner Bros. green lights his script, he said, “I am the Flash.”

Blade: Trinity writer/director and Batman Begins writer David Goyer has committed to write, produce and direct the feature adaptation of DC Comics’ The Flash.

Created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, the Flash first appeared in DC Comics late in 1939. He’s the alter ego of chemistry student Jason Peter “Jay” Garrick, an aspiring athlete whose exposure to heavy water fumes gives him the ability to move at incredible speeds.

Source: FilmRoach