Superhero Movie Items Up for Auction!

The Hollygrove Auction will again be offering some great superhero movie props up for auction and to raise money for kids. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner writes:

Thank you for your help last year with The Hollygrove Auction. Unfortunately some items were bid on but not purchased, so we are offering them again in hopes of raising money to help our kids. There are great items like the George Clooney Batman mask, XMen 2 Nightcrawler’s knife, Tom Hanks’s overcoat from “Road to Perdition” , and lots of celebrity signed tee shirts. Buy a cool item and help others at the same time. Many thanks for printing this letter – Lauren Shuler Donner

The auction will being at midnight on Monday, March 7th at the link above and will run for ten days. Don’t miss it!

Source: The Hollygrove Auction