V For Vendetta Details Revealed

MyMovies.net attended a press conference on Friday in Berlin for the start of production of Warner Bros.’ V For Vendetta. Stars James Purefoy and Natalie Portman, as well as director James McTeigue and producer Joel Silver, were on-hand to discuss the Wachowski brothers’ adaptation of the Alan Moore graphic novel. Here’s a few clips:

But what can we expect visually from a film that’s based on images already burned into fans minds courtesy of David Lloyd’s stunning artwork. Well director James McTeigue explained he intends to use Lloyd’s graphics as “leaping off points” and wants to give London a “neo–futuristic” look that will compliment the dark tone of the script.

Will Moore himself be involved? Well apparently Larry Wachowski has spoken with him and the hope is that “V For Vendetta’s” co–creator will take a more hands on role when the production moves to the UK. But one things for sure – “V For Vendetta” is a one shot deal and there will be no sequel as Silver confirmed, saying “This is it, it doesn’t go past this.”

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Source: MyMovies.net