The Marvel Superheroes Spot on the Super Bowl

We’ve previously reported on this spot and today Visa has made it official:

Super Heroes always respond to the cry of a citizen in distress — but during this year’s Super Bowl, they will find they can keep their capes furled when someone loses their Visa check card.

In “Super Heroes,” to be premiered at this year’s game, a woman cries for help after discovering someone has stolen her Visa check card. Marvel’s world renowned Super Hero characters rush to her rescue but discover it’s a false alarm: she didn’t realize her Visa check card features security benefits that protect her from fraudulent charges. Having calmed the heroine, the Super Heroes return to their work of assisting those who really need it.

The lighthearted television spot, created by BBDO NY, airs as a stand-alone commercial during the first half of the Super Bowl on Feb. 6. The commercial features popular Marvel Super Heroes(TM) Spider-Man(TM), Captain America(TM), Wolverine(TM), Storm(TM), and Thor(TM). The commercial ends with a final surprise guest visit — a latecomer to the rescue.

“In the real world, there aren’t Super Heroes to rescue us — but thanks to the Visa check card, consumers have a way to guard against fraud,” said Susanne D. Lyons, chief marketing officer, Visa. “Even though we’re delivering that message with Marvel’s comic book characters in good fun, it’s a serious message for millions of Visa cardholders. That’s why we decided to deliver it during the high profile broadcast of the Super Bowl.”

Visa has been a Super Bowl advertiser since 1994, producing some of the most well-received commercials during the game. In total, Visa has produced 15 Super Bowl commercials in the past 10 years.

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Source: Visa