Tomorrow’s Memoir Filmmaker Interview

In November SHH brought to your attention the very cool independent film Tomorrow’s Memoir – A contemporary film-noir with a ‘twist’, the film pays homage to superheroes from the Golden Age of Comics. Director Jim Cliffe has done an interview for detailing the work done on his film. Below is a snippet…

I didn’t really use any references. Of course I quite enjoyed Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ as well as Alex Ross’ ‘Kingdom Come’, but I had neither story in mind. I basically wanted to create a contemporary story that was seemingly grounded in reality and one that would also work on two levels. One, if you’re familiar with comics and superhero mythology, you might pick up some clues that our mysterious protagonist wears a cape before the story’s climax.

Secondly, if you’re not thinking comics or superheroes, I wanted to steer THAT audience into believing that he was possibly a terrorist or some sort of fascist with an agenda — until the very odd twist ending reveals he’s wearing a cape. I thought then it would really come out of nowhere.

To check out the full interview and links to see the film click the link above.

Source: Blue Tights