News on a Marvel Online RPG

Scooper ‘Sabbath’ sent in this bit about a Marvel Online RPG:

The January 2005 issue of Computer Games includes a short article about the future of a Marvel Online RPG. The following is a portion of the article:

“Marvel is perfectly suited to massively multiplayer gaming as we are a ‘universe’ unto outselves,” said Marvel COO Bill Jemas in the press release announcing their deal with Vivendi Universal to develop a massively multiplayer online RPG. “Our fans like to live and breathe their favorite characters, and this gives them the opportunity to do that 24 hours a day if they like.” The deal gives Vivendi exclusive rights for ten years to online games using Marvel’s 4,700 characters.

The article goes on to say that no other real information has been given as to how the game will be played. The idea of a Marvel MMORPG comes as no suprise considering Marvel’s recent outlashing at skin creators who have been designing Marvel skins for various games (e.g. The Sims). The stated release date is Fall 2005, but who really knows.

Source: Sabbath