Ryan Reynolds Approached for Deadpool

He’s been talking about possibly starring as Deadpool, and now Ryan Reynolds says Marvel has approached him as well. Bloody-Disgusting reports:

So what’s coming up for Ryan in the genre, we could be seeing another comic book movie. “Avi Arad called me into his office after we were done shooting and said ‘Ryan I want you to play DeadPool, you’ve got to do DeadPool, I don’t know how we’ll do it but we’ll do it.” Not to mention the Nightstalkers spin off movie. “New Line sees it as a new franchise for them, there’s alot of interesting characters in there like the Midnight Sons and all these other guys who are really interesting and they see it as something they can mine out this new franchise. David and I talked about doing the story together, he doesn’t need any help from me but I defiantly hope to collaborate with him on that. But at this point it’s such conjecture, it’s something we’re not even thinking about.”

Thanks to ‘SpySwatr’ for the heads up.

Source: SpySwatr