Platinum Adapting Haunteds & Spaced

Variety reports that Platinum Studios has partnered with Dean Valentine’s new First Family Entertainment to adapt several projects for television.

Among the concepts in development are “Meet the Haunteds,” a series of graphic novels about a white family who move into an old mansion haunted by the ghosts of a black family.

Scribe Chris Wichtendahl is writing the books; “Haunteds” is being developed as a half-hour sitcom as well as a direct-to-DVD property.

Platinum and First Family also are behind “Spaced,” to be written and directed by Adam Rifkin (“Mouse Hunt,” “Small Soldiers””Small Soldiers”).

That project revolves around a teenager who shares his body with an alien who “morphs out of parts of his body at inopportune times.” Platinum calls it a mix of “Malcolm In The Middle” and “The Man With Two Brains.” Rob Moran is penning the graphic novel.

The trade says both projects are live-action adaptations.

Source: Variety