Fox and AVP Go Wireless

Twentieth Century Fox is teaming up with the nation’s leading wireless carriers to create an ambitious and innovative wireless campaign for the studio’s new Alien vs. Predator.

All of the major U.S. carriers are joining Fox to bring users an unprecedented amount of content, promotions, and contests in the far-reaching campaign. By texting “AVP” to 20369 (20FOX), people can access the following:

  • An AVP Trivia Game

  • Downloadable wallpapers and ringtones, including the iconic Alien “snarl” and Predator “growl”

  • A special poll in which mobile users will be asked, “Whose Side are You on?”… the Alien’s or the Predator’s

  • Exclusive “Look 4s” – insider tips on special surprises for fans to look for in the movie

  • “Did U Cs” – text in after the movie for questions that will test how closely you were watching the film.

  • Promoting the Fox mobile “shortcode” (20Fox) – Fox is the first to target in-theatre patrons to use their cell phone while waiting for the show to begin. In-theater slides will remind mobile users to “Text AVP to 20FOX to Get Alien vs. Predator on Your Cell Phone.”

    FOX will continue to offer a suite of mobile content, including text games, cool mobile sweepstakes, wallpapers and audio tones for many of its upcoming films via a partnership with mobile publisher Airborne Entertainment.

    In addition, Twentieth Century Fox Licensing and Merchandising has collaborated with two major software publishers to create special games for mobile devices. A 2D “fighting game” from veteran entertainment software publisher Elite® and Fox Licensing and Merchandising allows fans to choose their favorite character for head-to-head battle, bringing this highly popular console/arcade genre to the wireless space. Superscape Group plc (LSE: SPS) and Fox Licensing and Merchandising are developing a 2D wireless game, based on the film’s initial storyline, which lets gamers play and fight for sport and survival in an ancient pyramid beneath the Antarctic Circle. Gamers earn a wide array of weapons and abilities to make different moves as they advance through this action game. High quality animation adds to the games’ realism and atmosphere.

    In Alien vs. Predator, which hits theaters nationwide August 13, the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever battle each other on Earth. The discovery of an ancient pyramid buried under the Antarctic ice sends a team of scientists and adventurers to the frozen continent. There, they make an even more terrifying discovery: two alien races at war. No matter who wins, we lose.

    The film is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, who also co-wrote the story (with Dan O’Bannon & Ronald Shusett) and penned the screenplay. The producers are John Davis, David Giler, Walter Hill, Gordon Carroll. The film stars Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen and Ewen Bremner.

    Source: 20th Century Fox

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