Marvel’s Film Slate From 2nd Quarter Report

Marvel Enterprises has released its Second Quarter financial report and in it the company mentions the status of the various superhero projects it has in the works. Here are some highlights from the report. You will also be able to listen to their webcast on this here at 9am Eastern Time.

Marvel’s President and CEO, Allen Lipson, commented, “The continued success of entertainment projects such as films, video games, and comic books based on our portfolio of characters has led to enhanced brand awareness for the Marvel Universe of characters, which in turn has led to increased sales. The recent release of Spider-Man 2 has broken box office records and has generated more than $600 million in worldwide box office receipts to-date, and the DVD is scheduled to ship in November. In addition, consumer products based on the movie are currently among the strongest performing brands at retail, further cementing both Marvel and Spider-Man as flagship brands with retail partners.

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2004

(Release dates are controlled by Studio partners)

-Blade: Trinity, New Line Cinema – December 10, 2004

Marvel Character Feature Film Line-Up For 2005

(Release dates are controlled by Studio partners)

-Elektra, New Regency / Fox – Script, Director, Filming started May ’04, Jan. 15, 2005 release

-Fantastic Four, Fox – Script, Director, Filming starts August ’04, July 1, 2005 release

-Iron Man, New Line Cinema – Script, Slated for November 2005 or Summer 2006

-Luke Cage, Sony/Columbia – Script, Director

-Man-Thing, Lions Gate/Fierce – TBD

Marvel Character Entertainment Projects in Development For 2006 & Beyond

(Development and release timing is controlled by Studio partners)

-The Avengers, Lions Gate – Slated for Q1 2006 release (animated DVD)

-X-Men 3, Fox – May 3, 2006 release

-Namor, Universal Pictures – Script, Slated for Summer 2006

-Ghost Rider, Sony – Script, Director, Pre-production, Summer 2006

-Black Widow, Lions Gate – Writer, Director, Slated for 2006 release

-The Punisher 2, Lions Gate – Writer, Director

-The Hulk 2, Universal Pictures – Development

-Deathlok, Paramount – Script

-Spider-Man 3, Sony/Columbia – Director, May 4, 2007 release

-Dr. Strange, Dimension – Contract

-Iron Fist, Lions Gate – Contract

-Silver Surfer, Fox – Contract, Development

-Ant-Man – TBD

-Black Panther – TBD

-Captain America – TBD

-Nick Fury – TBD

-Thor – TBD

Source: Marvel Enterprises