Shusett and Alter Option Industry of War

Variety reports that producers Ronald Shusett and Daniel Alter have optioned feature rights to Jordan Raskin’s upcoming Image Comics series Industry of War. The story centers around undercover government agents hunting down missing military technology before it falls into the wrong hands.

The plot for the first miniseries revolves around a former gang member paroled from prison who stumbles across a bio-symbiotic prototype suit designed for foot soldiers and programmed with an assassination mission during the Gulf War.

“It reads like a high-concept Jerry Bruckheimer action-thriller, but with a sci-fi twist,” Alter told the trade.

Shusett will co-write the screenplay with Raskin, best known for Top Cow’s “Ripclaw” series. Shusett co-created Fox’s Alien franchise, was a producer on “Total Recall” and executive-produced “Minority Report.”

Source: Variety