Kevin Smith Talks The Green Hornet

Kevin Smith answered questions from fans this weekend on his official Message Board, and The Green Hornet came up several times.

Asked how the script is going, he said that “It’s coming. Was fifty pages in. Then, I sh*t-canned everything and started over. Now I’m sixty pages in and digging it much more. I’m figuring the first draft’s gonna come in at around 180 pages.”

He also commented on the writing process this time around. “A bit harder. Spent a long time second-guessing myself, trying to write a mainstream flick. Then, I realized that sh*t’s for the birds, and I should just write it as if it were a comic book. Since then, it’s been much easier.”

He said that The Green Hornet won’t be his next project. From the looks of it now, he’ll first direct an untitled small project, then “Hornet,” next “Fletch Won” and then “Ranger Danger”.

Source: View Askew