Notes From the Marvel Quarter 1 Conference Call

Marvel Enterprises’ Quarter One Conference Call took place this morning, and while you can view Marvel Studios’ upcoming release slate in full here, Avi Arad added more comments on each film. If you’d like to listen to what Arad said, the audio clip is available here.

-Arad said that The Punisher will be released internationally starting in September. They are hoping to have The Punisher 2 ready by next fall. Thomas Jane is signed for three films and Jonathan Hensleigh will be back to write and direct as well.

Spider-Man 2 will get a 60 second spot on this Thursday’s “Friends” finale. The sequel also includes a new Marvel logo treatment.

-They’ve got a writer, director (David Hayter) and actress for Black Widow, though they can’t announce the actress just yet.

Blade: Trinity was just screen-tested (as you read here) and that went “incredibly well”. New Line is very confident and will promote the film aggresivelly.

Man-Thing is complete, they just received the finished print. They’ll be testing it and then determine an exact release date.

Elektra starts production today and will be PG-13.

Fantastic Four starts filming in August. It will have 5 build-in toy lines for the different characters in the film. The “funny family action film” will be rated PG-13. Activision is making a game based on the film too.

Iron Man will be PG-13 and will have a major toy line. Activision is creating a game based on the movie.

Luke Cage has a script (Ben Ramsey), director (John Singleton) and actors who they can’t announce yet.

-They’ve started pre-production on the PG-13 Ghost Rider adaptation.

Source: Marvel Enterprises