UPDATE: Jet Li or Zhang Ziyi Eyed for Kato?

News Askew reports that Kevin Smith may be looking at either Jet Li or Zhang Ziyi (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Jet Li’s Hero”) for the role of Kato…

Kevin has been immersing himself in “chop-socky” films to prep for Hornet. He went into a few things he liked, and how he detests the dialogue in those films. He dropped a couple hints, confirming the rumor that Jet Li is being saught for Kato, but surprisingly went off on loving, excuse me, f***ing loving Zhang Ziyi. Someone in the crowd yelled “Zhang Ziyi as Kato” and Kevin got a big grin and “zipped” his lip…hmmm, interesting, no?

UPDATE: ‘Moriarty (NOT the one from AICN)’ has a clarification on Ziyi’s role…

Hey, I can clear up the Kevin Smith’s consideration of Jet Li and Zhang Ziyi for Kato.

First of all, smaller-sized parargraph in the original report refers to when Kevin Smith was speaking at UC Berkeley on Wednesday night. I know, I was there. Smith never directly mentioned Zhang Ziyi as being up for Kato; he just mentioned him considering her for a part in the movie. A FAN mentioned Jet Li, and he said that was one of the people he might be considering.

He also flat out said he wanted Jake Gyllenhaal to play The Hornet, so that’s an interesting piece of news.

And yes, Smith has been watching a lot of chop-socky movies, and hates the dialogue in every one of them except for the Jet Li movie “Hero.”

Thanks for the heads up!

Source: News Askew