Kevin Smith on The Green Hornet Adaptation has up a new interview with “Jersey Girl” director Kevin Smith talking about his upcoming The Green Hornet adaptation. Here’s a clip…

What villain would be more interesting in the film? I’ve got to create one for him. I’ve got to give him a villain, at least in this one, because having him go after gyp artists doesn’t really make for a big action movie. If you listen to the old radio shows, that’s what he’s always doing is going after mobsters, racketeers and gyp artists. There was one radio show I listened to where he’s going after an insurance scam racket, and it’s like why do you have to put on a mask to do that?

Are there no comic book villain you want to bring back? Well, there’s nothing really from the run of the comics that I read that I was real fond of. It’s just something I’ve got to create, come up with for the purpose of the movie.

The full interview is up at the link above. Jake Gyllenhaal is currently the frontrunner for the title role.