A Nail in the DragonBall Movie Coffin

Voice actor Kyle Hebert posted the following note on his official website about the DragonBall movie…

I decided to follow up a bit more regarding the rumored live action Dragonball/Z movie. One persistant rumor has been that “George Lucas’ CGI company ILM has signed a contract to do the special effects.”

Today I called Ellen Pasternack, Public Relations for ILM. I asked her if the rumor was true; if ILM was brought on board to provide the special effects for the Dragonball/Z live action movie. Ms. Pasternack’s reply was that it had been mentioned, but ILM never officially signed off on anything and it never came to be. She also commented that, as far as she knows, the film is not being made.

20th Century Fox announced in early 2002 that the studio would be developing a live-action film, but we haven’t heard anything official about the project since then.

Source: KyleHebert.com