Upcoming Superhero DVD Titles from Warner Bros.

Warner Home Video staff participated in a live chat on the Home Theater Forum last night and upcoming superhero DVD titles were revealed, as well as titles that you shouldn’t expect any time soon.

Coming in 2005 is a special edition release of Batman which will be cross-promoted with the new Christopher Nolan movie. Also, you can expect a box set of the Batman: The Animated Series in 2004, while the 60’s Batman TV show won’t hit DVD soon due to legal issues.

DVDs for TV’s Superman: The Animated Series, Teen Titans and Wonder Woman will be released this year. Discussions are currently going on for bringing Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman to DVD and Superfriends is being worked on, but there’s no date yet.

There are no plans for releasing Superman II, The Flash and Justice League on DVD at this time.

Source: Home Theater Forum