Kevin Smith on Making The Green Hornet

Hero Realm has up a great interview with writer/director Kevin Smith talking about making The Green Hornet. Here’s a clip of him talking about the support he’ll have on the film…

I hired a great A.D. (Assistant Director) and a great 2nd A.D. because the 2nd unit apparently is really important on these movies. It was a big secret. They were like “Kevin, you won’t direct everything. You’ll have a second unit director who will do a lot of the big action stuff.” I said “Get the f**k out of here! Does anyone know about this? Is this legit?” They’re like “Totally!” I was like “Bryan Singer did that on the ‘X-Men 2’ movie?” They were like “Bryan Singer barely shot that movie.” Who knows if they were lying or not but I was like “Get out of here! Really?” Because that, to me, means I can spend a lot more time at home. Somebody’s off making a movie and I get credit for it later. So I surround myself with people who really know how to pull that sh*t off. We’ll get a great effects house to do CG stuff. We’ll have a pretty cool movie.

Hit the link above to check out the full interview!

Source: Hero Realm