The Wachowski Brothers Leave King Conan

IGN Filmforce is reporting tonight that the two “Matrix” trilogy brothers are no longer attached…

IGN FilmForce has learned from trusted sources that Larry and Andy Wachowski have ankled King Conan: Crown of Iron, the third movie featuring Robert E. Howard’s barbarian hero. The Wachowski brothers were to have produced King Conan with John Milius onboard to write and direct it. Obviously, star Arnold Schwarzenegger is unavailable for the next few years now that he is governor of California.

Sources advised IGN FilmForce that the Wachowskis – who had reportedly clashed with Milius over the tone and direction of the film – left King Conan of their own volition. The project had remained stalled in development hell while the Wachowskis completed their Matrix trilogy.

You can read more of the report at the link above. Thanks to ‘Stax’ for the heads up.

Source: IGN Filmforce