Is The Crow: Wicked Prayer Going Straight to Video?

It’s something that we’ve been suspecting for a while now, considering Dimension/Miramax has given no indication that The Crow: Wicked Prayer will be a theatrical release. ‘madchild’ pointed us to who have more on this.

Wingsburntblack, a member of the Crow forum Crowcoll, is a manager of a local theater. Their boss contacted Dimension Films recently about possibly ordering some teaser posters for Wicked Prayer. Wing’s manager was told by the Dimension rep that there were no theatrical teaser poster to be had because the film is going to be a direct to video/DVD release.

After learning of this, we contacted our sources from the film to confirm this decision. They were not aware that this decision had been made, if indeed it has been made. Our source said the film has not yet been delivered to Dimension (as we have reported here before). For the folks at Dimension to make this decision without seeing the film is highly unlikely. They feel perhaps this Dimension rep was basing their information on Salvation having been a direct to video release, not from having inside information from those in charge of making this decision.

We’ll soon find out, though “Wicked Prayer” was not part of Dimension’s 2004 theatrical preview kit.