John Wells Productions Options Wagner’s Grendel!

The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Matt Wagner’s Grendel has been optioned for the big screen…

Warner Bros. Pictures-based John Wells Prods. has optioned the graphic novel “Grendel” from its creator, Matt Wagner, in association with Dark Horse Entertainment and Arsenal Entertainment. Scribe Carl Lund is attached to adapt the project through his blind script deal with JWP. An award-winning comic creation, “Grendel” spans several decades with its story encompassing various generations of characters. Lund’s script will focus on the story line of Christine Spar, the adopted granddaughter of the notoriously sadistic yet rich and graceful Hunter Rose — aka the original Grendel. Spar was the focus of Wagner’s book “Grendel: Devil’s Legacy.”

Stay tuned for more on this project!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter