New Wicked Prayer Poster Now Online

Both ‘X’ and ‘Clemens’ alerted us that you can now find the new Wicked Prayer poster by clicking here. It looks as if the studio has dropped “The Crow” from the title of the Edward Furlong-starrer. Here’s how the site describes the film…

When Jimmy and his half Native American girlfriend Lily are murdered by a rampaging satanic cult led by Luc Crash and his demonic bride, he is traumatised to find himself reincarnated as ‘The Crow’, an immortal being of Native American folk law and the ‘killer of killers’. With revenge burning in his broken heart, and whilst he tries to come to terms with his new dark powers, Jimmy comes to realise what he can do, and what he must do – as he confronts the onslaught of gang members Famine, Pestilence, War and Death in this epic action battle of good and extreme evil. There is no rest without vengeance.

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Source: X, Clemens