Boreanaz Praises Furlong’s Crow Performance

Angel star praised Edward Furlong’s performance in next year’s The Crow: Wicked Prayer to the Los Angeles Daily News

“He did a great job as the Crow. He’s really a good actor. I was surprised,’ says Boreanaz. He admits he wasn’t sure what to expect from Furlong, the “Terminator 2′ star, who in recent years became better known for his drug demons and party-boy escapades with the likes of ex- girlfriend Paris Hilton than for his acting. By the beginning of this year, however, reports had it that Furlong was truly cleaning up his act, staying off alcohol and illegal substances and looking healthier than he had in ages.

Boreanaz reports, “We raised the bar for each other and really had an amazing time getting into what we were doing. We got into each other’s face. We’re both very physical. I was surprised we didn’t get hurt doing the fight scenes. There were a lot of bruises, though.’

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Source: Los Angeles Daily News