Zombie & Niles Plot Three Comic Book Flicks

Rocker Rob Zombie (“House of 1000 Corpses”) and author-cartoonist Steve Niles have created Creep Entertainment International, a horror-themed production company. The company will begin with three comic book projects that, down the road, are expected to be adapted for films: The Nail with Dark Horse Comics; Bigfoot with IDW Comics; and Lords of Salem, a combo music-comics project.

All tales were co-written by Zombie and Niles. The books will be illustrated by some established comic talents.

“Comics have become the storyboards for movies,” Zombie told Variety. “All our comicbooks are stand-alones and are done in a movie way. We’re actually working backwards – these look like comic adaptations of films.”

Niles has already started to write The Nail, which is peopled with 1970s-style satanic bikers and wrestlers. Lords of Salem is based on a satanic band.

Source: Variety