Michael Silberkleit Talks Betty & Veronica Movie

Silver Bullet talked with Archie Comics Chairman and Co-Publisher Michael Silberkleit about the upcoming Betty & Veronica movie at Miramax.

RO: Variety announced “Miramax has a hot date with Archie’s gal pals”. How does Archie Comics decide which film deals are right for the Riverdale gang?

MS: We are very excited with the Betty & Veronica Miramax film. The film will show our characters in situations similar to those in which they appear in our comics and thus will be familiar to the millions of Archie comic readers over the past 60+ years. Miramax is an A+ company and we are proud to be associated with them. We have started a new entertainment company called Archie Comics Entertainment, LLC. We have brought on board Allan Graffman, an executive with a great track record, to be President of this company. Allan’s is playing a leadership role to landing us movie, TV and licensing deals, working with Chuck Grimes, our long time counsel and CEO of the new company.

The full interview, with lots about the comics, is available at the link above.

Source: Silver Bullet