Jennifer Garner Up for Masters of the Universe Role?

‘Wade Thurman’ wrote in with an interesting bit from the latest issue of Maxim magazine. Is it just a rumor from the editor of the article, or is something actually going on for a He-Man movie?

If you have the new Maxim magazine for the month of Nov. (Jessica Alba is on the cover), check out page 84. There’s a news blur about the Masters of the Universe movie that’s in development.

It says, “Newly single Daredevil hottie Jennifer Garner is rumored to be up for the role of She-Ra in a live-action Masters of the Universe movie. No word on Dolph Lundgren’s involvement.”

I know it’s just a rumor thus far, but if it’s true, then the movie must be in development. It was only speculated that a movie was being developed. Maybe this will be the launching pad for She-Ra’s involvement in the new line of MOTU?

If you have the mag, check it out. I don’t think its on the newstands yet, I just go my early subscriber copy yesterday.

Even if this is true, we’re not sure Jennifer would have time, since she’s scheduled to start filming Elektra sometime in the summer of 2004, when she’s on hiatus from the filming on “Alias”.

Source: Wade Thurman