Jim Carrey is The Six Million Dollar Man

Dimension Films will adapt the 1970s TV series The Six Million Dollar Man for a feature comedy to star Jim Carrey and to be directed by Todd Phillips. Phillips will team with his (“Old School”) writing partner Scot Armstrong to script a vehicle for Carrey to play the bionic man.

The project is based on the Martin Caidin novel “Cyborg” that was turned into the Lee Majors ABC drama series. Carrey pitched a take of the movie that persuaded Phillips to make a deal. He and Armstrong will begin writing as soon as they complete scripting the Dimension remake of School For Scoundrels, which Phillips plans to direct next.

After Carrey stars with Cameron Diaz in the Dean Parisot-directed Columbia Pictures remake “Fun With Dick and Jane” and Phillips completes “School,” they hope to meet in fall 2004 to get The Six Million Dollar Man into production.

Source: Variety