The Crow: Wicked Prayer Teaser Trailer Reviewed

The ABaHB website just posted a studio approved review of a 5 1/2 minute The Crow: Wicked Prayer promotional teaser trailer. Here’s a clip…

Wicked Prayer is unlike any of the previous Crow films in regard to the look and style. Imagine if you will, combining “Pulp Fiction” and “Desperado” with a Crow twist. Lance Mungia has created a desert atmosphere that is unapologetically violent yet strikingly emotional and beautiful. The color plate is full, with none of the filtering found in the previous films. There are signature Crow images and themes within the story/teaser, but this by far is the most original telling of the Crow mythos since the first movie. The first part of the trailer is intro scenes showcasing all the characters, followed by “action” shots, which look intense and some of the best seen yet in the franchise.

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Source: ABaHB