Unproduced RoboCop Sequel Detailed by Neill Blomkamp

Gran Turismo director Neill Blomkamp revealed his vision for the unproduced Robocop legacy sequel.

What happened to Robocop Returns?

In an exclusive interview with JoBlo.com to promote Gran Turismo, Blomkamp explained what his version of a true sequel to Paul Verhoeven‘s 1987 smash hit would have looked like.

One thing that Blomkamp confirmed was that his unproduced sequel titled “Robocop Returns” would have no reference to the sequels Robocop 2 (1990) and Robocop 3 (1993). Instead, Robocop Returns was to take place exactly one day after the Verehoven movie.

“That’s the only film that I would have ever done where I would have tried to basically simulate Paul Verhoeven’s directing style,” Blomkamp explained. “I wanted it to feel like it was the day after. Like if Dick Jones fell out of the window on Monday, this would have been Tuesday. It was like literally the next morning that it began. So it was a direct sequel exactly in the same style.”

1987’s Robocop was a landmark sci-fi action film that starred Peter Weller as a deceased Detroit cop in the near future resurrected as a cyborg designed to serve and protect. As his old memories begin to resurface, Robocop tracks down his killers and uncovers a conspiracy by his creators at Omni Consumer Products (OCP). The movie was wildly popular with critics and audiences, spawning a plethora of toys, comic books, video games, and a short-lived animated series produced by Marvel Animation.

Meanwhile, the legacy of Robocop will continue in a video game form with the first-person shooter game, Robocop: Rogue City. Star Weller reprises the title role in voice over, and granted his likeness for the game. RoboCop: Rogue City will hit PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC in September.