Regular Edition NECA RoboCop Alex Murphy Figure Now Available

Blink, and you might have missed NECA‘s initial drop of the RoboCop Alex Murphy figure on Cyber Monday. Packing in a Peter Weller autograph and strictly limited in quantity, the long-awaited figure based on the long-reluctant-to-sign-a-deal actor’s likeness proved as popular as longtime collectors might expect. Now, there’s good news for those who didn’t care about the autograph and would rather have a figure at regular prices. NECA’s releasing a version without the autograph card for preorder to fan-channel retailers like Entertainment Earth.

Think It Over…

This deal makes it easier to buy two, if you like, to have one in fresh police body armor and another bleeding out, with multiple chest wounds and a blown-off arm or hand. He includes multiple heads — helmeted, unhelmeted, and bloody screaming — and even a special hand to do the T.J. Lazer gun twirl. Murphy retails for the now-standard NECA Ultimates price of $36.99, with delivery expected in January.

Although NECA has made many RoboCop figures over the years, Weller only signed a likeness deal recently, finally allowing the company to show the character’s full face. Murphy, in his pre-RoboCop body armor, has never been made as a 7-inch figure by any American toy company until now. Customizers might find a way to make a Buckaroo Banzai figure with one of those extra heads on a different body. Murphy comes in a window box with an opening front flap.

While RoboCop spawned two theatrical sequels and a reboot, as well as multiple TV shows, the original Paul Verhoeven film remains a classic head and shoulders above any subsequent iteration. Merchandisers know this and rarely tackle anything outside of the first film. Weller’s likeness allows for more options, but it remains to be seen if any other actors might be inspired to sign on or if NECA sees dollar signs in their potential figures.