The Flash Star Kiersey Clemons Calls DCEU Movie ‘Cursed,’ Talks Difficult Experience

The Flash star Kiersey Clemons recently got honest about filming and promoting the DC Extended Universe movie.

What happened to Kiersey Clemons on The Flash?

In an exclusive interview with Nylon, Clemons recalls landing the role of Barry Allen’s love interest Iris West at the time when Dope director Rick Famuyiwa was attached to helm The Flash. Since then, the project has been through a revolving door of directors and writers, finally having gone into production with director Andy Muschietti. Not only has Clemons had to endure the number of release date shuffles and reshoots on the DCEU film, but also struggle with the media pressing her on questions about the legal problems of her co-star Ezra Miller.

“I’m having to not just go through my personal experience of Ezra being my friend, but then also having to answer questions that aren’t mine,” Clemons said. “I’m not going to do that in the media unless it’s asked of me by someone who’s been hurt by that person’s actions. Otherwise, I’m speaking on something that isn’t mine without consent. I was getting asked before I was given permission, and also, no one [of Miller’s accusers] has given me permission to speak on their experience with Ezra.”

The issues of Miller were not the only challenges for Clemons. Previously, the actor was set to make her DCEU debut in 2017’s Justice League until Joss Whedon deleted her scenes, coinciding with Famuyiwa’s exit from The Flash. Though her role was restored in the 2021 release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, Clemons feared she had no future in the DCEU.

 “I was freaked out because at one point, there were rumors going around online that I was getting recast, which is humiliating,” Clemons said. “It was more embarrassing and hurtful than getting cut out of Justice League, which I was able to understand more than the rumors of being recast. They had to cut the movie down; that’s how it goes. With The Flash, I was so young and was so excited, and the director that I was supposed to be on with was gone. And so, I felt dismissed and replaceable.”

Despite the challenges and struggles with all the chaos surrounding The Flash and the Iris West role for almost a decade since she was cast, Clemons felt relief when the movie finally hit theaters. “Now that the movie’s out, I feel like for the last nearly 10 years, I’ve just been smiling and giving so much grace,” Clemons said. “I think it was to protect my peace of mind. Now I can finally say and admit this whole thing made me cry more than it made me smile. I think I only smiled over this thing at the premiere.”

The Flash is now playing in theaters.