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McFarlane Toys Renews DC Multiverse Figure Agreement With WB

McFarlane Toys will keep making figures of DC’s most iconic characters, as it has been revealed that the company’s agreement with WB has been renewed.

Are McFarlane Toys and WB still working together?

Todd McFarlane posted on Twitter that Warner Bros. Consumer Products and McFarlane Toys’ global licensing agreement has been renewed for both the DC brand and “other popular, storied franchises.”

“Our previous contract for the DC Multiverse was a huge opportunity for McFarlane Toys to be involved with some of the best brands on the planet,” McFarlane said in a statement. “Being able to play creatively with characters like Superman, Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman, along with many other brands in the vast Warner Bros. library, proved to be a huge success for us and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products. An extension of the contract expands the depth and range of what we can bring to the marketplace to excite fans around the world. I am grateful for WBDGCP’s continued confidence in us.”

“We’re honored and excited to continue our partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products,” Stephan Tetrault, Chief Operating Officer at McFarlane Toys said. “The depth of content and characters within DC, combined with the passion we have for comic book culture, has fueled our development for products that fans and collectors want, which has resulted in strong business growth over the past three years. We’re looking forward to more successful years together.”

One of the most famous McFarlane Toys brands is the DC Multiverse figure series, which is a huge line of 7″ figures of DC Comics characters from across different mediums, continuities, and stories. Some of the line’s recent releases include figures from The Flash and The Dark Knight series of movies.